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Who's this Uncle Leefly guy??

Hello my name is Levi Holmes, or Uncle Leefly as the kiddos call me.After loosing my daughter Chloe in 2015 to a miscarriage I was a bit lost and without direction, started failing in my career, and was forced to file bankruptcy . I moved back south and enrolled in school to finish the degree I had started years ago. I completed my Associates this past spring and will graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Development in the spring of 2021. While working on my associates I worked as a substitute teacher and fell in love with the idea of helping kids. My nieces, nephews,students, and friend’s kids have been the biggest blessing I could ever want. They give me hope and show me boundless amounts of love. One of the things I did to help move forward after loosing Chloe was to buy all my friends kids clothes every time they went on sale. I cannot tell you how many little girl outfits I bought and gave away. I don’t know how or why, but it helped me. Fast forward to today. I enjoy photography as a hobby and somewhat of a side business and wanted to do a Wednesday Addams photo shoot with my niece Aliyah, the one who dubbed me Uncle Leefly. Well, get online and look. There are not many kid friendly Halloween costumes out there these days..(In my opinion). What do you do in that situation you ask? Well, you go get some help and make the girl a dress, and go take the pictures !! In doing so I realized I kind of liked sewing so after the pictures, which turned out AWESOME btw ,I decided to see if I could make her a scrunchie as well. When she walked in the door and saw that Minnie Mouse scrunchie her little eyes lit up nearly as big as my heart did in that moment. I posted a pic of the scrunchie on FB and Instagram and instantly was getting messages from people wanting their own Uncle Leefly’s scrunchie. I decided to create this Facebook page and in just barely over 24 hours it had 100 likes and nearly 50 scrunchies ordered !! People messaged wanting not only scrunchies, but also baby head bands, bows, etc. I will continue to expand the collection as new orders are placed. I look forward to making your custom, made to order Uncle Leefly’s scrunchie. Thank you all so much for the support and don’t forget to share with your friends. The first $500 raised is going towards a very special cause that will be revealed in May....You’re not gonna want to miss it!!!--Uncle Leefly

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  • Got my order today, and it’s perfect. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to wear it with my Birthday outfit tomorrow.

    Angie Thomas

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